Body contouring is the surgical alteration of the body shape or form. Liposuction removes excess fat, tummy tucks remove unwanted fat and skin while tightening stomach muscles, and thigh and buttock lifts re-contour the lower body.



A beautiful and upright breast image is the dream of every woman. But the pregnancy process and frequent weight loss can overshadow this dream of women. Aging, genetic factors and births can cause sagging in women's breasts. Dangling breasts can be corrected by breast aesthetics.

Three Breast Augmentation Procedures

  • Use of silicon implants, most popular technique

  • Lipo-filling,a relatively new and minimally-invasive procedure, natural fat transfer, allows women to fill and contour their breasts in the most natural way possible.

  • The combination of both techniques ( implants and lipo-filling )



Vaser Hi-Def uses ultrasonic sound waves. This ensures that the regional fats in the bodies of the individuals are drawn without harming other tissues in the environment. The fat taken by this method is added to the areas requested by the person, creating a muscle image. Excess fat from the person's body can be preferred for a full butt, chest and abdominal muscle appearance. Thus, you can have a more athletic body by examining with a single operation.



Abdominal stretching surgery is suitable for people who lose weight frequently and want to get rid of the sagging image that occurs after pregnancy. In abdominal stretching surgery, excessive abdominal skin is removed, regional fats are removed and muscle deformation inside the abdomen is corrected. After the operation, a flat stomach image appears. This surgery creates effective and permanent results in the abdominal region. Abdominal stretching surgery can be performed with two different operations, such as mini abdomen stretching or full abdomen stretching surgery, depending on the density and sagging degree of excess fat in the patient's body.


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Women need a fuller buttocks to make their body look more attractive and curvy. Thanks to the Brazilian butt lift aesthetics, inspired by the hips of women in Brazil, you can also get attractive changes in your hips. Butt lifting aesthetics made with the oils taken from the patient's own body reveals the most natural and aesthetic results. One's own oil, identifying with the hip, helps the butt to fill in the most accurate and natural way. If you are looking for a more natural result instead of filling the buttocks with silicone prostheses, you can choose the butt lift aesthetics with the Brazilian butt lift (BBL).



Liposuction is body contouring, slimming and fat removal application. Liposuction aesthetics are recommended for people who want to permanently get rid of their regional fat. Say goodbye to fat that you cannot get rid of with liposuction. Liposuction surgery is not a slimming technique. You can choose Liposuction for stubborn fat in the hips, buttocks, upper legs, arms and abdomen. Liposuction is not suitable for people with body mass index over 30, or people with obesity.



Are you ready to shape your body with your own fat? With the Lipo Shaping method, you can get rid of regional fat and create a more curvy and attractive body with these oils. Since your own oil is used in Lipo Shaping process, this application has no side effects.